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Choose The Light Tower That Is Right For You

Light tower is a mobile device with multiple high-intensity lights and masts. It is always attached to the mast, the trailer, and powered by a generator. Light towers are essentially diesel generators combined with lighting elements. In addition to providing lighting, it also has the function of auxiliary power.
Light towers make construction sites safer when providing lighting for work in the dark. Reduce the risk of accidents or injuries at work and keep truck on the road safety. Mobile light towers provide powerful lighting that lets you get work done after dark. This improves working conditions, which results in higher worker productivity.
So how to choose the right light tower? There are four key features you should look for before choosing a lighting tower.

1. Fuel capacity

Fuel capacity is a key consideration. Large, efficient fuel tanks provide extended runtime, reducing downtime for refueling. Some light tower offer up to 200 hours of operation. In remote areas of the mine, the extended run time helps save much needed fuel that can be used for other equipment.( The fuel tank of Robust Power RPLT-7200 reaches 270L and can work continuously for 337.5 hours. It greatly reduces the cost of refueling/oil filling)

2.Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is the most important purchase factor. The brand engine has great advantages in fuel efficiency. The light tower of Robust Power adopts the original engine of Kubota in Japan to run to ensure the stable performance of the machine. For example, with a 270L fuel tank, the fuel consumption can reach 0.8L/hr.

3.light coverage

LED lamps or halide lamps are the two options for light tower. Halide lamps are less expensive, but over time. LED lamps cost less electricity and have a lumen brighter than halide lamps. Provide a safe and bright working environment for workers in the mining area for a longer time. The lifetime of LED lamps is ten times that of metal halide lamps.
The initial purchase cost of LED lights is higher, but since the operating cost is reduced, the maintenance time is greatly saved, making the work of the light tower more efficient. The lighting in LED lights are brighter and the components last longer. LED light towers generally provide a more focused and directional lighting, which may be better suited for illuminating specific areas within a jobsite. LED lights can be turned on and off quickly without any time delay, allowing full brilliance.


Light towers that dependable, durable, easy to service and offer easy-to-use controls, is what we strive for. Rrugged coated steel body which helps them withstand harsh environments for long periods. Many of the lighting towers feature smart monitoring and can be accessed remotely. This means less need for manual checks on site. Choosing a fuel-efficient lighting tower will not only save you on fuel costs but also the labor costs for refueling.
To ensure better lighting for your construction site, choose the right mobile light towers is necessary. With proper lighting, your construction site will be safer and more efficient.In Robust Power, whatever light towers you choose, you will get high quality, high performance and dependable mobile lighting.