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Robuster lighting tower upgrade to 4G remote control, move to next generation

Robust power is pleased to announce, we are partnership with Tesla Yun to offer a dynamic and straightforward platform with software-based service. Help customers all over the world remotely track, map and monitor light tower in real-time. Immediately know the performance, engine alarms, fuel usage and location of light towers.

Sam Xiao, Chief Engineer for Robust Power said:” We should develop our R&D based on our customer’s needs. Helping our customers to work more efficiently is our most concern.”

Quickly track your light towers, which were placed on the remote location with live GPS. Through the app to remote your light tower at any time of the day. Convenience to control the light tower portfolio to turn on/ turn off via smartphone. Reduce tedious and repetitive tasks for operating, avoid to waste of time. Hires can set alarms when fuel usage lower than the bottom line. When the generator fails, the software will alarm you in time.

Hirers can gain insight into developing and creating intuitive decision-making of cost management through the data collected by TeslaYun. By taking advantage of the analytics and data gathered from telemetry, hirers can achieve considerable cost savings and create a new revenue model.

Helping you stay in control, everything is working as it should be.