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One of Hottest for Tower Light Manufacturer - RPLT-4200 Metro Spec Solar Energy Hydraulic Mast Mobile Light Tower With 3 Years Warranty IP67 LED – Robust

RPLT-4200 Solar Lighting tower specification CONSTRUCTION: LIGHTS Four adjustable 4*240w Robust Power LED lights 33,600 lumens per Led light,134,400 total lumens Lighting coverage area 1962 ㎡(25Lux) 8 meters max.height when fully extended, Lights operate at any height Photocell system for automatic Start/ Stop POWER SYSTEM 48V DC/300AH Gel battery Charging way by The solar energy converter Three 300W Solar power panel 48V Solar power voltage,current 15A The durable and energy-efficient RPLT-4200 Solar Lighting tower is pure solar powered.The energy-efficient led lights on these trailer vehicle mounted mobile solar light towers are powered by sealed, maintenance-free batteries, which are charged automatically via the adjustable solar panels,operate clean, silently and efficiently, the best choice for applications where noises is an issue. RPLT-4200 Solar Lighting tower bases of it’s features of portable, compact and easy to deploy by one person, Lighting without noise and zero carbon emission are ideal solution for any emergency response, rural & hard-to-reach areas, temporary security, outdoor activity & large concerts, police/military application and construction & work sites. Construction stadiucum mobile solar light tower is portable and easy to deploy, very convient for assembling. The automatic photosensitive function can realize the automatic Dusk-Dawn Auto Start/ Stop Timer of the RPLT-4200 Solar Lighting tower. 4*240 watts LED produce 134,400 lumen totally, 8 meters max.height galvanized telescoping Hydraulic mast, 90 degree Lamp head electric tilting system, 358 degrees non-continuous mast manual rotation system can meet wide lighting performace requirements. Each LED lamp can be individually adjusted for angle, to provide clear, direct light to suit any application. The LED lamps have the added benefit of supplying instant illumination. Both Forklift pockets and Cran eyes can be facilitate on-site movement.
ROBUST POWER  Mobile Light Tower RPLT-4200
Lighting Panels Per Uint 4*240W Robust Power LED Panel
Optional Colour Temperature 2100K-5700K
Auto Start Dusk-Dawn Auto Start/ Stop Timer
Longevity 5 years
Lumen Output 4×33600 lm
Hydraulic Mast Extension 8m
Rotaton 358 degrees Manual
Duty Manual Stabiliser legs 4
Tyre Size 13"
Sunrise and Sunset Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Engine Automatic Start and Shut Down N / A
Battery Isolator Optional
Jumper Cables Optional
Lux Sensor Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
SMS Communication Optional
Also Include Timer Shutdown Control,Jump Start, Receptacle & Jumper Leads
DIMENTIONAL(L*W*H) 2650mm × 1300mm × 2450mm(Around)
Battery system 
Battery materials Gel battery
Battery capacity 300AH
The battery voltage 48V DC
Charging way The solar energy converter / The mains power converter
The solar energy
Solar power 3X300W
Solar power voltage 48V
current 15 A
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