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RD240-AC 240W 32400lm IP67 High Quality Aluminum LED Panel with 3 Years Warranty

Model No.:RD240-AC KEY FEATURES: 1. Long Service Life; LED as a solid-state light-emitting device, compared with other devices have a longer service life. The half-life of its brightness can usually reach 100,00 hours. If LED is used instead of traditional automobile lamp, its life will be much longer than that of automobile body. 2. Low Power Consumption; LED is a low-voltage device, so in the same brightness, minimum power consumption, can greatly reduce energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of Technology and materials, it will have higher luminous efficiency. It has been calculated that if all lighting fixtures in Japan were replaced by LEDS, two large power plants would be eliminated, which would be very beneficial to environmental protection. 3. Fast Response Time: LED can generally respond in tens of milliseconds Ns. 4. Green: LEDs do not contain heavy metals such as mercury, which can cause pollution, unlike high pressure sodium lamps or metal-halide lamp, which cause damage when they are scrapped. 5. Low maintenance cost:based on the current technology level and test results, high power LED light source can be used for 10 years without replacement, while traditional high pressure sodium lamps need to be replaced once every 18 months on average, the use of LED light can greatly reduce maintenance costs. 6. Color temperature optional:LED can meet the needs of different occasions on color temperature. 7. No Strobe; LED street lights respond quickly, shorten the time of light, and do not occur strobe, for the protection of the eye is the most appropriate.  

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