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RPLT-2900 AU Standard Hybrid Solar Energy Customizable Bunded Metro Spec Hydraulic Tower Lamps for Mine Site & Construction & Outdoor Event

RPLT-2900 hybrid powered tower lamps RPLT-2900’s key points This light tower powering by a hybrid system, including solar panels, generator, and batteries. Which allows for significant savings in fuel consume, good for environment and reduce carbon emission. Silent, economical and stable are their key words. LED lamps powered by both gen-set and solar panel charged batteries system. Batteries system could be charging full in the day time, and no needs engine works in the night time, so could keep machines silent and no carbon dioxide emission all the night. Which means our light tower are excellent solution for urban residential area, events, and remote locations in the night time. Solar hybrid charging system will be auto shut off after batteries charging in full.  Each light tower could fit with 4pc 240w high efficiency designed LED lamp, out put 139,200lumens, much more bright than other hybrid light tower in the market. Charged batteries can supply power to Light Tower lighting over 10hrs, almost double capacity than other brand light towers. To obtained daily work, each machine fit with timer as standard, so the light tower could start and stop work by automatically. By skid basement structure, the light tower can keep it stay and no move in place at service period.
ROBUST POWER  Mobile Light Tower RPLT-2900
Model Japan KUBOTA Z482, Vertical 4-cycle liquid cooled Diesel
Prime fuel consumption at 100% load 7.2/ 12hr(0.6L/h)
Type 48V DC  brushless alternator, self-excitation
Power Gneeration 6 KW
Lighting Panels Per Uint 4*240W Robust Power LED Panel
Optional Colour Temperature 2100K-5700K
Auto Start Dusk-Dawn Auto Start/ Stop Timer
Longevity 5 years
Lumen Output 4×33600 lm
Hydraulic Mast Extension 8m
Rotaton 358 degrees Manual
Duty Manual Stabiliser legs 4
Fuel Capacity 100 Litres
Fluid Bunding Yes
Fail-Safe Shutdown System-High Temp, Low Oil Pressure,High Voltage,Low Voltage Yes
Sunrise and Sunset Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Engine Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Battery Isolator Optional
Jumper Cables Optional
Lux Sensor Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
SMS Communication Optional
Also Include Timer Shutdown Control,Jump Start, Receptacle & Jumper Leads, Emergency Stop
DIMENTIONAL(L*W*H) 1150mm × 1300mm × 2250mm(Around)
Battery system 
Battery materials Gel battery / Lithium iron battery
Battery capacity 200AH
The battery voltage 48V DC
Charging way The solar energy /The power gemerator /The mains power converter
Anti-wind capacity ≤10
The solar energy
Solar power 3X100W
Solar power voltage 48V
current 5A

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