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Wholesale Price China Mobile Light Tower - RPLT-4900 Metro Spec Hybrid Solar Energy Manual Mobile Light Tower With 3 Years Warranty IP67 LED – Robust

RPLT-4900 mobile light tower Our RPLT-4900 main spec: Our Solar Light Towers provide hybrid power for longer run times.This model provide bright lighting for areas up to 14,000 square feet. Common applications include mining, construction and large properties with expansive areas. These light towers feature four high-efficiency, high-output LED light fixtures on a telescoping tower for broad coverage.Lighting tower could set up by one-man operation, and also for the lamps that means all of the operation could perform on the ground. Control panel could read most data of machine..Autonomous operation is possible year-round in most typical locations. All of our lighting tower is used Pro E for design.It will reduce potential of dimension error and better for product producing.We design and producing plates ,lampshades and the LED for our lighting tower.In this way,we can control and guarantee the quality,minimize dimension error and make sure the lead time.All of our lighting towers are painted by famous Euro brand Akzonobel,that makes painting cover will lasting about 5-7 years and not rust.We weld machine by robot which makes welding parts look smooth. Specification:
Model China, Robust Power F186, air coold NA
Prime fuel consumption at 100% load 7.2/ 12hr(0.6L/h) NA
Type 220V AC  brushless alternator, self-excitation NA
Power Gneeration 4 KW NA
Lighting Panels Per Uint 4*160W Robust Power LED Panel
Optional Colour Temperature 2100K-5700K
Auto Start Dusk-Dawn Auto Start/ Stop Timer
Longevity 5 years
Lumen Output 4×22400 lm
Manual Mast Extension 5 m
Rotaton 358 degrees Manual
Duty Manual Stabiliser legs 4
Tyre Size 13"
Fuel Capacity   15 Litres    
Fluid Bunding   Yes    
Sunrise and Sunset Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Engine Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Battery Isolator Optional
Jumper Cables N / A
Lux Sensor Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
SMS Communication Optional
Also Include Timer Shutdown Control, Emergency Stop
DIMENTIONAL(L*W*H) 2150mm × 1300mm × 2250mm(Around)
Battery system
Battery materials Gel battery
Battery capacity 200AH
The battery voltage 48V DC
Charging way The solar energy /The power gemerator /The mains power converter
Anti-wind capacity ≤10
The solar energy
Solar power 3X200W
Solar power voltage 48V
current 10 A